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Start using Dashboards
Learn how to control your production, content and customers
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Start using Designer Apps
Easily create projects
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Adding Apps to your websites
Find the documentation and options for web integration
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RIP configuration
Connect your RIP to HP Applications Center and enable JDF integration
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Communication assets and Mobile apps
How to communicate HP Applications Center. Find communication assets, sample files and other collaterals to help you advertise HP Applications Center in your site
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Mobile Apps
Discover related mobile applications, including the Mobile app and the HP Applications Center tablet app
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Ask for help
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Tips and Tricks
Useful questions, tips & tricks
Getting started
Go to the Applications page and select the application editor you want to make available. Once an application is activated, complete the corresponding production settings to ensure the PDF is generated as you require.
How to add content
Click the tab for the Content page. On the content page you can create folders, add content categories and upload designs to make them available to customers.
How to manage my customers
You can create a special account for large customers. With this account you can track orders and manage commonly used templates.
How to price
You can set prices within indivdual applications. This can be done during the application activation process or in application settings. Indivdual prices can be set for by media type along with short descriptions to help customers understand the options available.
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